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Friday, March 10, 2006

I did forget something my Beautiful sister came over this morning and brought me some flowers, I haven't seen or heard from her I a while a while meaning she use to live w/me and we were so close, She was Wed last September and moved approx 1 hour away, that makes me feel very empty as well, we were the best of friends anyway moving on their is not much one can do about that, I did express That I missed her and she explained she was feeling the same way, her and her husband may put their home up for sale and move closer to the family, I would be so happy especially scence they are trying to get preggers.

A friend of mine also came by, he is very wonderful and would do anything for me!! He has been trying to put together my wireless router UHHGGG what a job!! Thank god he has computer knowledge, so at least I have had company considering I have just stared at the same four walls for two weeks now, due to my surgery..That I am grateful for, that and my friends and you know who you are if your reading this.


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