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Monday, March 13, 2006

No one ever said it was easy, Today I am up and down,"Feeling wise" I talked w/Mom a little bit and well as you'll learn we don't always see eye to eye! I just wanted someone to talk to, being so bored and still partially layed up,Well she didn't have much time for me I guess, Lord I pray that I am always here for my Children, I don't want to come off like some little Child having a dilemma I just want to feel Loved the way I love.. I am so incredibly sensitive, a big baby per say, I cry about everything, "That's me".

I miss little Miss Sarah, I haven't had her much still and would just love to hold her right now, she is so sweet and gentle, so Innocent, She just recently had her check up she is so SMART, she is tall 36 inches, 31 lbs. At 25 months, above the charts for height. She goes to Sunday school every Sunday and Loves Jesus, she loves me to sing about Jesus,, How awesome is that?


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